The Barcelona B crisis obliges to change coach

Barcelona considers it "essential" that Barcelona B remain in the second division and before the dramatic presence of the team, located in relegation places with six days to finish the league, solved this Wednesday an emergency measure: dismiss the coach , Gerard López, and place in his place Francisco Javier García Pimienta, under the orders of who last Monday the youth team conquered the Youth League against Chelsea. The revolution, suspected weeks ago, comes after Barça B, in whose squad the squad has gone on to play a secondary role with many signings of zero performance, has lost the last five games and chained and nine days without knowing the victory , demonstrating completely wrong the sports policy of a grassroots football that breaks, precisely, in the last step.

Team raised during its history to become that definitive step towards professional football (inside or outside the club) with the players created in La Masia, this season Barça B has added up to 17 additions of players from other teams, with the circumstance , implausible, that 7 of them arrived on loan, something never suspected throughout history.Follow your daily bet freak premium odds.

"Barça B is in a complicated situation, yes, you have to be clear. If I have to pull youth players I will ... But I would like to make it clear that they are those of Barça B who have to move forward ", emphasized the new coach, García Pimienta, next to whom, José Mari Bakero and Guillermo Amor, legends of the club and today responsible for grassroots football, tried to make it clear that in Barça remains, despite the controversial and difficult present, the confidence in the quarry. "We must go calmly because sometimes it is not to arrive, but to do it at the right time", emphasized Amor, proclaiming that the club "for nothing" has forgotten the quarry. "It's a big mistake to think that because we continue to work in that line despite the current moment of the subsidiary" he explained.

"It is very important, for what it means for the club, to stay in 2nd Division A", he repeated the first player emerged from La Masía in 1988, even recognizing that in the past there were promotions to the first team with the subsidiary playing in 2ªB . "There have been those moments, yes, but football today has changed, there is a lot of urgency, sometimes too much, to burn stages and we have to be careful with that," Amor said. "The blame for this situation of the subsidiary is everyone," acknowledged Bakero , who maintained that the backbone of the squad remains "of the quarry" considering as punctual events the arrival of players transferred from other clubs. "They will continue raising players from the quarry to the first team. Sure, "proclaimed Amor in a reassuring message, while Bakero made it clear that" many times "the economic aspects" are final "to explain the drain of talent that has suffered the club in recent times.